Hasbro FT Info

$20 for bus

9-9:15                          Arrival, Introductions

9:15-9:30     Senior Art Director:  Hasbro Upfront, a brief history

9:30-9:55                     Product Designer, Engineer and Packaging Art Director:  Present Jenga case study 

9:55-10:20                   Marketing and Design Director:  Product demo/package kickoff

10:20-10:55                 Team brainstorm structural and design ideas for Package

10:55-11:05                 Packaging Art Director, Senior Designer and Designer:   Package history and final execution

11:05-11:20                 HR:  Brief explanation of intern program / Q&A

11:20-12:30                 Cake Mix (Commercial Production) and Fun Lab (Internal toy and game testing) tour

12:30                           Lunch

1:00     Depart

Repeat Pattern Design

Watch the intro video here.

Brainstorm some ideas for themes…

Try it out!


Phone # for road signs


Laser Cut Beginnings

  • Draw out what you want to create in your sketchbook
  • Perfect it!  Outline in Sharpie.
  • Unknown
  • Take a photo
  • Open in Illustrator
  • Image trace
  • Window – Pathfinder (as needed)
  • Save to cut on laser cutter!
  • Unknown-1



Les Mis Poster

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 7.40.44 AM

Checking in…

To complete your grades, I will be looking for the following for Term 3:

GD1 – in collaborative folder…

  • completed road sign ai file
  • completed photo booth ai file
  • completed poster (BOTH ai or psd and must have a pdf!)
  • in-process or completed quote psd file

GD2+ – in collaborative folder…

  • completed pin files (ai or psd)
  • completed Mona Lisa file (ai or psd)
  • completed poster (BOTH ai or psd and must have a pdf!)
  • in-process or completed quote psd file

1/2 way check-in… 

How’s it going????  Draw me the appropriate emoji.

Was this what you expected?  Explain.

What else do you want to… Know?  Do?  See?

What have you liked?  Explain.

What has been the most challenging?  Explain.

Are you happy with this class so far?  Why/why not?

Would you recommend this course?  Why/why not?

Thanks!  Take a photo and email to me – ciccoloc@weston.org

3 Kindergarten Ideas

VERNAL POOL (drama set, act out/recreate)

  • turkey
  • deer
  • birds
  • snakes
  • people
  • trees
  • frogs
  • logs
  • bridges
  • brook

CHICKEN COOP @ LANDSAKE (drama set, act out/recreate)

  • rooster
  • hens
  • eggs
  • nests
  • baskets
  • coop w/ “nesting hall”

WEATHER (display board)

  • sunny
  • partly cloudy
  • cloudy
  • rainy
  • snowing