Monthly Archives: November 2012

progress reports due 12/7

Due next Friday:

  • “Zentangle” 2-page spread sketchbook
  • “Monochromatic Scavenger Hunt” 2-page spread sketchbook
  • Rough draft post(s) for “Multiple Me”
  • Rough draft post(s) for “Infographic”
  • “Multiple Me” final JPG emailed to me
  • “Infographic” final JPG emailed to me

time to print!

We need to get some new work hanging in the hallways!

By December 4, send me your final JPG of either the Multiple Me or your Infographic.

“Zentangle” examples

Check out some examples for your most recent sketchbook assignment here (Google “Zentangle” to see lots of images.)

“A Zentangle is very easy to learn and can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.
It helps people focus and provides artistic satisfaction along with a true sense of personal well being. This method of working is enjoyed by all ages and levels of artistic ability.

Basically, a zentangle is a design which you create and “fill in” with random patterns and deigns. The “doodling” concept is supposed to allow your mind to be still and hence the “zen” of this activity.”

new sketchbook prompt and details on infographics

check out the sketchbook tab and projects tab for more info.!

artwork of Stephanie Kubo

end of term = wed.

Just a reminder of what is due by the end of the day this Wednesday!


  • upload final (4 on 1 document) to projects page


  • upload brainstorm and sketches to sketchbook page
  • take photos
  • post photos as in-progress rough draft


  • upload 3+ infographic images you like to inspirations page
  • upload sketches to sketchbook page
  • post your in-progress computer work as rough draft


  • upload final to projects page (be sure to see side-by-side comparison)


  • upload sketches to sketchbook page
  • upload 3+ poster examples you like to inspirations page
  • post your in-progress computer work as rough draft
  • email final JPG to me
  • upload final to projects page


  • upload 1+ picture and WORKING link to inspirations tab
  • upload 2-page name spread to sketchbook page
  • self assessment – details on this coming soon!