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Photo Booth Craziness + Vectors

  • Open Photo Booth
  • Take several crazy photos using effects – your entire head must be in the frame
  • Drag the best shot to the desktop and then into Illustrator
  • Use the pen tool to create many built up layers of color, opacity, transparency, etc to create a very realistic – albeit cartoony self portrait
  • photobooth1

Today – pen tool, cubes & playing cards

ProjectsGD1:  Continue to work on your fruit or veggie, we’ll review what you know so far.  Ultimately, you are going to have a file with your photo on one side and vector drawing on the other.  Make it as realistic as possible!  Yours MUST include gradient, transparency and numerous layers.

*If you haven’t yet emailed me your final cube JPG, do so ASAP.  Drop block is day 4 (next Wed), come in unless you have completed the project by then.

GD2+:  Post 1+ side of a finished card to your blog today.  You should have other card drafts in the works.  Have you heard of  Thoughts?

Monday Morning!


  • Post your cube .jpg on your blog (the flat one we will print)
  • Email me the same full-sized color cube .JPG to print
  • Print (from PS) cube smaller in b&w – fold and assemble w/ glue
  • Fruit or veggie photo to Illustrator
  • Practice pen tool
  • During class today we will go over eyedropper, transparency and gradient


  • 1 side of a card (minimum!) should be complete and posted to your blog by the end of class Tuesday.  The card creation should be quicker as you go along – copy/paste certain elements.

Continue Working…

GD1: Continue working on 4 compositions.  Let me know if you are ready for your final letter/number.  Download the cube template and place your work on it when ready.  Post all of your work.

GD2+: Continue working on your playing cards.  This may be by hand or on computer.  Be ready to post a progress image to your blog at the end of class.

GD1 – Cube Template

Open a new document in Illustrator – 26 x 32″.  Click and drag this template to your desktop.  Place this template.  Open all 6 .JPG alphabet compositions.  Place in AI  on top of template (show only tabs, no black lines.)  Save as both a .AI and a .JPG.  (file – export – JPG).  Email to me the .JPG to print and post to your blog.  cubetemplate

Design Principles Word Bank & Critique


  • Pairs to complete worksheet
  • Review possible answers w/ class
  • Critique of playing cards & graphic alphabet images

Post 2+ images to your blog

GD1:  post 2+ drafts of your graphic alphabet (we’ll have a mini crit)

GD2+ post your newspaper title and be working to post 2+sketches/drafts of your playing card

In order to do this, all work must also be saved as a .JPG – do NOT get rid of your .psd or .ai files!!!!