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Design of the Day: Cardboard Alphabet

Another “wish I thought of that!” moment when I saw this!

cardboard alphabet

(The AIGA site is also a great resource!)


Design of the Day: Street Seats

Set up all around Boston – “Reimagining the Public Bench”


Click here for examples and videos of the semifinalist designs.

Add to Inspirations Page

Google “event poster” (or search in a similar manner) and post 3 images you like to your inspirations page.

*Use these to help give you ideas for your Career Day poster!  (font, layout, color combos, etc.)

Design of the Day: Calendar of Silly Holidays


Funny (yet strangely enough true) idea, cohesive design and quality craftsmanship make this a great project!

Check out this link for details and more images.


Checking in…

  • Add 3 inspirations for alphabet layout before next class.
  • Be sure that you have a draft posted of your Self Portrait/Mona Lisa and of your Creative Alphabet project.
  • Creative Alphabets should all be underway by now!
  • Email me your final JPG and post onto your projects page once you are done w/ a project.
  • Upcoming project – GD 1-3:  Due BEFORE mid January!   Career Day Posters – March 5 – 9-12:45  More info to come!
  • Upcoming project – GD2+:  Due mid December!  Program of Studies (front and back) Cover Design  More info to come!

Design of the Day: Brandon Knowlden (Stiicks)

The Design of the Day seems to follow along the lines of “Wish I Thought of That!”… here we have a product that I almost – but not quite thought of about 5 years ago…


Check out the sleek product here – see Brandon Knowlden’s art, too.  Good stuff!  Design!  Silkscreen!

Check out my much clumsier solution here… and some woodcuts!

Design of the Day: MBTA iPhone Portraits

  • Technology meets traditional art meets Boston!
  • Boston Magazine article here.
  • Abe Tena’s blog here.  See 50 of them!
  • (Free!) app that he uses can be downloaded here.