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no coffins!

Believe it or not… there are no coffins in The Merchant of Venice!!!

Just got word from Mr. Minigan…

Fix your posters as necessary.  Think treasure boxes, NOT coffins.


ask yourself…

Almost done with the poster?  Ask yourself:

  • All needed information is included?
  • Information, spelling and grammar correct?
  • Logical layout and hierarchy?
  • Clear and legible?
  • Imagery aids and does not distract?
  • Effective use of color?
  • Effective use of font(s)?
  • Effective use of negative space?
  • Can be easily understood from 6-12 feet away?
  • Consistent style?
  • Unique approach?
  • Effort and craftsmanship is clearly present?

update: new size & text for poster project

Please note the new, larger size for The Merchant of Venice poster project!

20 x 24″ or 24 x 36″ – not 16 x 20″!

You MUST include this text:

Weston High Theater Company Presents
The Merchant of Venice
Nov. 15, 16, 17  7:30 & Nov. 18 3:00
Tickets $5 students/seniors, $10 general public
free for students Nov. 15
WHS Auditorium

pursuing arts in college?

Want to study art, theater, music or dance in college?  Attend this info center!

Pursuing the Visual and Performing Arts in College
(and Implications for the Application Process)
Thursday, October 18, 7pm – WHS Media Center

Learn about:
•  Careers in the arts
•  Liberal arts colleges vs. conservatories or art schools
•  Majoring or minoring in the arts
•  Finding the right school to pursue your interest in the arts
•  Unique aspects of the application process
•  Auditions and portfolios

There will be plenty of time for questions!

check out the updated “extras!” tab

This page is for extra opportunities that are not required, but could gain you school and/or town praise, extra design practice/challenges/kicks… and can’t possibly hurt your grade!  Finished with a project early and looking to soak up as much freelance portfolio work as possible?  Check this stuff out!

poster inspiration

Add at least 3 pictures of poster styles that you like to your inspiration tab.  The posters can be advertising anything (school appropriate) but you should really like the style of them.  Think colors, layout, font, etc.

public project!

Check out the new project/sketchbook assignment – your work could be up all around school and the town!