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be inspired!

To get started on the “Inspiration” tab… add an interesting picture AND  link to your “inspiration” tab.  They should be related – the picture giving a hint to what the link might show in more detail.  The link may be to a movie/animation/slideshow/article/etc.

This could be something directly related to graphic design, or not.  Be creative.  Find something that interests you.  (You may be using these later on for future projects!  Choose wisely!)  Obviously, this needs to be school appropriate.

See an inspiration here:


progress report/due date reminders!

Due this Wednesday:

  • Bring in your sketchbook
  • Name 2-page spread sketchbook assignment
  • Create your website and email me the link (currently, all links I have received have been posted to this blog – check yours!)
  • Post your 4 rough/final drafts for the alphabet project on your website

our site… and your site

In class, we will discuss this whole blog situation.  Come here for course information like due-dates, project details, extra opportunities, and more.

You will also be creating your own blog – before 12pm on Tuesday, September 25th!  Yours will serve as your portfolio site – a place to publish your own work, drafts, thinking – and it will be linked to this main site.

See the “building your site” tab for more information/specifics.

sketchbooks due!

Sketchbooks are due next class – this Friday, September 14th!

$5 will get you one of these… or, bring in your own.
Must be exclusively for this course.

You will use this often for notes, drafts, sketchbook assignments, thinking, scanning, etc.

welcome (back)

You made it to your class blog – one handy location to find projects, sketchbook prompts, examples, software hints and more!  Constantly updated… so check back often!

First off, some suggestions (other than bookmarking this blog!) for the semester:

Challenge yourself.
Be willing to try something new… and keep practicing/revising.
See what works, why it works and how it can be applied to something else.

Share ideas, support, motivate & help.
Help foster a positive, enthusiastic & inspiring environment.
Create and present original work from concept to final product.
Give and consider good-natured, critical advice.
Come to class, be on time & stay with us.

Grading isn’t important.  Most feel compelled to do more!
This is an art course – you should be striving to make things that you are proud of.  You should also be your own toughest critic.

Citizenship (attendance, clean-up, involvement)
Projects (personal growth, investment/effort, feedback)