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Field Trip Idea…?

Poster Gallery on Newbury Street!


Check In

GD1 – make a in-progress post of your portrait

GD2 – your poster/art mantra has been emailed

GD3 – your self-designed project is taking shape – post some in-process work



Did YOU Meet the Challenge?!


James, Caroline & Natalie did!!!


a LOVEly 2-day challenge!

cardexample card2I know for some you may be in the midst of several projects at once… but… here’s one more!

2 Day Challenge – your work must be done and printed before the end of class on Friday!!!!

Design a Valentines Day card for someone… anyone…

loved one, friend, guardian, teacher/staff/coach – anyone you can give the card to!


  1. Use Photoshop and/or Illustrator
  2. Unique – no online templates!
  3. No larger than 5 x 7″
  4. Add at least 3 different sketches/in-process drafts/inspirations* to your blog
  5. Post final image to blog
  6. Email me your work
  7. Must be printed by the end of class on Friday  – absolutely no exceptions!

* I also really enjoyed these!

Here’s a pinterest page of some ideas, too.

In Class Today

  • Create AI tricks page
  • Portrait suggestions/layers
  • Live Trace
  • GD3 – you should be roughly 1/2 done with your project
  • GD2 – let’s finalize and print your posters out
  • GD2 – group work on proposal for 1 above locker image!  (Include a sketch and some descriptive text.)

Illustrator Portrait

Choose your image wisely and feel free to edit in Photoshop 1st.  Need to crop/adjust contrast/etc?

Show the viewer ONLY what they NEED to see!  (Also makes your job easier, too!)


You can experiment with Live Trace and Effects – but YOU WILL NEED TO USE THAT PEN! (expand and ungroup, too!)




  • post fruit/veggie
  • experiment with the tablet pens and photo booth
  • come in with a photo for next class!


  • almost complete with poster(s)?
  • post what you have


  • post your progress