Monthly Archives: June 2013

GD1+: Survey

Answer and email to me.

  1. I use Photoshop for projects dealing with…
  2. I use Illustrator for projects dealing with…
  3. Why is it important to not use images straight from the web as your own?
  4. Name a company with a good logo.  What makes it good?
  5. What did you expect to learn from this course?
  6. What did you actually learn from this course?
  7. Will you be able to apply any knowledge from this class to other courses/life?  How?
  8. Would you recommend this class to a friend?  Why/Why not?  Have you?
  9. Will you take another Graphic Design course?  Another art course?  Why/Why not?
  10. What was your least favorite project?  Why?
  11. What was your favorite project?  Why?
  12. What do you wish we did or could do?  What am I missing?!
  13. How does this course compare to your others?  More or less difficult/entertaining/demanding/creative/boring/other?
  14. What does a graphic designer actually do?
  15. Something I should know/do/be to make this course (even) better…

Final Exam Schedule

GD1:  Show up during B1 block (even though we don’t usually meet!)


GD1 semester projects

  • cube
  • pen tool fruit/veggie
  • multiple me
  • infographic
  • advertisement
  • alphabet(s)
  • your idea

GD1 and GD2+: Post ALL Work!

Before 6/21… be sure to:

Add anything you have made this semester to your blog!

(I will look to your pages when grading and use for future examples!)

GD2: Presentations

Tell us:

  • What you wanted to solve – what was your problem?
  • How did you find your solution?
  • What did you learn?
  • How do you do it?
  • What else can you apply it to?