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More Illustrator Help? Try this!


Place into an AI and follow directions with a bold stroke color and no fill.


Today in Class

  • Graphic Alphabets emailed and put onto external hard drive… we’ll revisit these a little later
  • GD3 – Make a clear post(s) about what you are going to do, get started on some sketches (Caroline, take your photos) and eventually computer work!  Add your progress as a record on your blog.
  • GD2 – find 3+ examples of quote posters that you like and add them to your blog for inspiration.  Choose your quote*, are making sketches and getting started on the computer.  Add your progress as a record on your blog.  *Make sure it can be attributed to someone!
  • GD1 – intro to the pen tool and Illustrator

3D templates!

pyramid template


cube_outline – click on the link for the pdf, here is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 7.49.00 AM

Graphic Alphabet Wrap Up!

  • Class discussion – what makes a good design?  Sift through samples from the past.  Gain any ideas for YOUR work?  How should we display these?
  • Complete fine-tuning your 4 documents and any formatting necessary for display.
  • Email your final .JPG and put on the external hard drive once done! Be sure to label with your name and letters.

Mantra/Quote Illustrated Poster

  • I made a Pinterest board of inspirations for you!
  • Thoughtfully, choose a quote (the more visual, the better) – from history, literature, art world, life, etc.  It needs to be one that you can attribute to someone.
  • Be sure to make your font choice, layout, images work for you
  • Make 5 thumbnail sketches on paper, photo and and add them to your blog.

Locker Art & Project Check-In

  • Discuss with your partner what you want to do for the hallway.
  • Present & class discussion.
  • What is left for the alphabets?
  • GD3 – Your Proposals
  • GD2 – Illustrated Mantras


What Should Go Here?

What should be above the lockers????  Snag the 1st image (what should go here?) and place onto your blog with an image of what you think should go there.  (My example is below.)  Find an inspiration on the web or draw your own and photograph it.  Maybe add some text for clarity below?



We could use sections from our Abstract Alphabets and layer them on with the adhesive printer paper I have… what do you think???!

*We do have to write a proposal to pass and designs by Building and Grounds and Mr. Parker!  I’d love to have a few for them to choose between!*