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GD2+: integrated layout design



You have your information, your imagery, and project requirements… now to make it look good!  Take a look at these links for examples on how to pull it all together.  Your work should not look simply copied and pasted – it should be integrated!  Combine your text in an interesting way – bend it, wrap it, make it big, stick it on an angle, etc.  Combine your images with your own creations to smoothly link each famous image.  Remove backgrounds, combine images, etc.


GD1: cube template

Open a new document in Illustrator – 17 x 22″.  Click and drag this template to your desktop.  Place this template.  Open all 6 .JPG alphabet compositions.  Place in AI  on top of template (show only tabs, no black lines.)  Save as both a .AI and a .JPG.  (file – export – JPG).  Email to me the .JPG to print and post under your projects tab.  cubetemplate

GD2: high resolution art resources

Check out these sites for reference and high resolution JPG images. (When you see her, say “thanks!” to Ms. Hanson – librarian extraordinaire!)

GD1: check “due” tab for weekly deadlines

1/25:  By the end of this week have your website up and running.  Post 4 rough drafts (of alphabet project) on your rough drafts page.  Must be JPGs to work.

GD 2+: check “due” tab for weekly deadlines

1/18:  By the end of this week have your website up and running.  Post in your sketchbook tab:

  1. Your art movement
  2. Time period
  3. Famous artists
  4. What spurred the creation of this style
  5. What was unique about it
  6. 3 images of art

welcome to semester 2!

Your blog has been updated and is now set for semester 2!

Check here often for updates and info. on all projects, sketchbook assignments, and more!

(If you are interested in last semester work, hover over the page tabs and click on “Fall 2012”.)


If you did not give me your package design JPG in time, I will print whatever JPGs I receive and leave them on my desk – in the art room office, across from the cafe – for you to come cut out and assemble on your own time.  Glue and scissors will be left nearby.  Project must be fully completed (printed, assembled and posted) by Tuesday morning.