Photoshop Tricks you have learned so far: (a continuously evolving list!)

  • Text – click “T” click 1X in canvas
  • Transform – command + T (change size, spin, flip)
  • *Keep holding command for more options*
  • hold ALT to stretch from center
  • click on ALT w/ move tool to make a copy
  • Bkgrd color = command click canvas and choose color w/ backgrd selected.  click and drag square over canvas.
  • 1 step back = command Z
  • 2 steps back = alt + command Z
  • Hold Shift to keep proportions (click chain link)
  • command + c = copy
  • command + v = paste
  • command + x = cut
  • change font – toolbar
  • new layer – click sticky note
  • drag layer to sticky note to copy layer (or right click duplicate layer)
  • can’t add another layer because a text is too big?  hit the eye tool to disappear while you add another text box, show all later

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