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Creative Alphabet Check-in

When you return from break:  alphabet photos should have already been taken/ready to be taken.  This means you need your idea finalized and (hopefully) tested out.  Seniors will have 5 classes upon return!

Let me know ASAP if you need to borrow a camera or need some other supply.


The Quick Brown Fox…

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.





Seniors have 10 GD classes left!

Extra Opportunities

Design Work:

Talk to Ms. Kresl Moffat about enviro needs

Talk to Mr. Minigan about RAGTIME needs

Illustration Work:

Thom from Woodland school is looking for an artist to create a commissioned illustration of himself and three of his friends (with their portraits replacing the ones on Mt. Rushmore) I was wondering if you knew of any students at the high school who might be interested in this opportunity. He has photos he can send as source material, he can also give you a little more background on what he is looking for if you know of anyone. Maybe someone who is growing into a cartoonist? I can also get you in-touch with him if you would like.

What the font?!

Trouble matching fonts?  Check out this site.

Take a picture/crop your font, upload the picture and it will try to find you a match!