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Hasbro FT Info

$20 for bus

9-9:15                          Arrival, Introductions

9:15-9:30     Senior Art Director:  Hasbro Upfront, a brief history

9:30-9:55                     Product Designer, Engineer and Packaging Art Director:  Present Jenga case study 

9:55-10:20                   Marketing and Design Director:  Product demo/package kickoff

10:20-10:55                 Team brainstorm structural and design ideas for Package

10:55-11:05                 Packaging Art Director, Senior Designer and Designer:   Package history and final execution

11:05-11:20                 HR:  Brief explanation of intern program / Q&A

11:20-12:30                 Cake Mix (Commercial Production) and Fun Lab (Internal toy and game testing) tour

12:30                           Lunch

1:00     Depart


Repeat Pattern Design

Watch the intro video here.

Brainstorm some ideas for themes…

Try it out!


Laser Cut Beginnings

  • Draw out what you want to create in your sketchbook
  • Perfect it!  Outline in Sharpie.
  • Unknown
  • Take a photo
  • Open in Illustrator
  • Image trace
  • Window – Pathfinder (as needed)
  • Save to cut on laser cutter!
  • Unknown-1