Monthly Archives: May 2015

Choice Project Time!!!

For your last project of the year (sniffle) you can choose your own adventure*!

*pitch your idea to me and as long as it’s challenging, interesting, and something you haven’t done before – you’re on your way!

Some suggestions:

  • Posters for Ms. South
    • Are you being kind?
    • Real world problems don’t tell you what to do.
    • What happened?
    • Learn what kind of learner you are.
    • How can I help?
    • How can you help?
    • Did you do your part?
    • Together
    • Trust
  • Check out my Inspirations page on this blog
  • Use (design) books, previous year blogs, your own web/life searches, etc.

Text as Image, Multiple Me and Creative Alphabet

These 3 items should take you right up until the end of this week, especially if you want it in the art show!

Then a choice project is all that remains between you and the end of the semester – almost there!  Well done, all!