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GD3 – Next Project = Mona+

While you are working out your creative font, you will be working in class on this!

Check out your projects tab for more…




Having lots of trouble with this project?


You may do this with your photos instead:


Like how it looks and already did the original project?

Bonus for doing this one, too!


GD1: Next Project = Vector Self Portrait

While you are planning/working outside of class on the Creative Font…

Check out the next project for Graphic Design 1 (and 2).

Choose your image wisely and feel free to edit in Photoshop 1st.  Need to crop/adjust contrast/etc?

Show the viewer ONLY what they NEED to see!  (Also makes your job easier, too!)


You can experiment with Live Trace and Effects – but YOU WILL NEED TO USE THAT PEN! (expand and ungroup, too!)


Starting in on the Creative Font

Make a sketch of your plan for the creative font.


  • at least 1 detailed letter (what will these look like?!)
  • sketches of letter placement
  • list materials/equipment needed

Add to your sketchbook tab.

*If you are unsure about what you want to do still… do more than 1!

Some Housekeeping Items…

  • Brainstorming next project – Creative Font – post to sketchbook tab


  • Poster Design – email Mr. Mingian ( a draft JPG for feedback!
  • Class App – email me ( one Ai document with all completed apps!
  • Composite Portrait – email me ( your JPG when complete
  • Anything else unfinished???  Need to post?

Pen Tool Practice

Feeling like you need a little more time to figure out the pen tool?  It is a tricky one!  CLICK ON THE JPG TO MAKE IT BIGGER, then drag it directly into Illustrator.  Try to complete a few.  It has some helpful hints.  Pentool-exercise

Upcoming Project – Creative Font

Combine the computer with actual objects/food/materials/ingredients/supplies/etc!
Draw w: scarf
Check out these sites for some inspiration: