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Due BEFORE Thanksgiving Break…

GD2+ – Final Playing Cards

  • email/flash drive to submit file(s)
  • email questions
  • post final to blog

GD1 – Mona Lisa

  • email original .ai or .psd file
  • email questions
  • post final to blog

Mini Mona Critique coming soon!

Be prepared for an in-process Mona Lisa Mash-up critique!

Make 1 post with your inspirations, the original Mona Lisa, and your furthest along work.  Let us know if you think you’re done, just starting, or somewhere in-between.

We’ll discuss in terms of accuracy to BOTH art styles (are both well represented, are they recognizable, is it effective?) and craftsmanship (attention to detail, skill with program(s), level of difficulty/challenge).

I also added more examples to the Mona Pinterest inspiration board.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.01.24 AM

Work by George Hamm

Welcome Term 2!

Today we’ll review some of the new projects, check to see what everyone is planning and I’ll get pretty specific to let you know what kinds of things I’m looking for… and how you can really branch off and do what you want!

Text as Imagery – any appropriate photo and text – show movement, great composition, related image to text

Picasso/Giacometti Photo Composite – images of any willing person

Mona Lisa – any famous art style, artist, art movement

Multiple Me – any location, any narrative (story) that you make up

Creative Font – any materials/ingredients/studio art creations