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Shared Folder Access, End of Term Info!

  • Click on desktop
  • Go (in top bar) – connect to server
  • afp://studentdata/StudentShared
  • HS
  • Drop Boxes
  • Ciccolo GD

Multiple Me: How-To

In Class Demo:

  • Open Photoshop
  • Drag images from iPhoto directly into Photoshop – NO file new!
  • Copy all photos into one document
  • Copy background layer
  • Save As Photoshop File (.psd)
  • Order Layers (Closest = Top to Furthest = Bottom)
  • Layer Mask (grey square, white circle in layers panel) to “Hide” information
  • Black/White Paint Brush to adjust the Layer Mask
  • Save as you go!
  • Once done, add to the Shared Folder

Final Work

Reality is beginning to hit… send me as much of your final work as soon as possible.  I need to start printing ASAP for the art show!

Critique Coming Soon!

Show us what you have been working on.  Be prepared to give and get some useful feedback NEXT CLASS!  (Be sure everything is up to date on your blog by the end of class.)

GD1 – Mona*, Font, Multiple Me, Art Show Poster…?

*Be sure to email me your final and questions ASAP – I’m trying to update IC.  If you don’t have a great on IC and I haven’t emailed you…  I don’t have it from you.

GD2 – WEEFC, Art Show Poster…?

What the Font!!!

To find the name of your poster fonts… or at least something like it.

Last Project!

Art Show Poster in the style of….?

Check out this – choose a few you like and add them to your blog as inspiration.

Ultimately, you will be replicating the style, but with the info from the winter semester ART SHOW.

WHS Winter Art Show

January 6


Science Wing